June 26, 2011

The Good Report

1. THE BEST Father's Day meal. Steak & homemade crab cakes (made by Jeff). Wow.
2. Progress on our unruly garage. (The curse of my existence. My nemesis).
3. Staying up past bedtime and letting L play with all the neighbor kids. On a Tuesday night.
4. Library and park day still rules.
5. Free tees and prints and the FIND lab party.
6. Crazy 8 is my new go-to for kid clothes. Cuter than Old Navy, just as cheap sale prices.
7. The girls were a dream on a marathon errand day. No fighting or tantrums. Obedient to every request. Wow.
8. Saturday afternoon swimming.
9. Garden party baby shower. enough said.
10. Ok, NOT enough said. ..... summer nights just really do it for me. I love them! Plus, no kids. But husbands were there. Woot, woo! hats on parade, string lights, and visual beauty in ample supply. Some of my favorite ladies. And I got to wear feathers in my hair. Can't wait to show you the pics.
11. I needed that.

we need some job charts

1 comment:

  1. so glad that you went all out with yours and jeff's attire. i couldn't have been more pleased with how things went for our garden party baby shower. mmm....i'm still reveling in the warmth of last night's festivities. fun! :)