July 03, 2011

The Good report

1. A VT visit at the park. With all our kids. What a great idea.
2. And one of my VT's made us all the most amazing sandwich. Yummy.
3. The older kids entertained L most of the time. Grateful for that.
4. My sister provided the apricots to make 10 jars of jam. Yep. Grateful for that too.
5. Jeff got an unexpected day off. So we went to the park. And had excellent family time.
6. Early morning at the park is pure perfection. Cool breezes. Plenty of shade. (even the playground equipment).
7. Middle of the week movie night with the hubs feels a lot like skipping class.
8. Transformers in 3D was uh-maze-eeeng.
9. Our local baby-sitter being able to watch the girls with a ten minute notice = awesome.
10. A neighbor hooked me up with some free beauty products.
11. Costco had peonies for $8.99. So lovely!
12. Little bro and co. are in town.
13. Sister in law and co. are in town.

Southwest burgers
We loved these. Massive flavor. Yum. Ate them with sweet potato fries.

Old school toys. I want them all.
And this tee. Speaks to me.
Capital A for AMEN!!! These days I want to punch most blogs in the face for their heavy ad content. bleh!
Fourth of July printables

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  1. Oh yes, I'd be a sucker for those old school toys . . . and the tee rocks!