July 31, 2011

The Good Report

1. Kind of starting to be grateful for my nursery calling. For many reasons. But that is unexpected.
2. Super happy with my first set of scans from a different, cheaper, faster, and much-closer-to-my-house lab.
3. Stumbled upon my quilt on pinterest. That was kind of cool.
4. Bonding time with Hannah and Bethany. I want them to come back.
5. Green peppers and cucumbers from my sister's garden. I can't get enough produce.
6. And cherries from a neighbor.
7. L was an absolute dream at the grocery store one night. Like super obedient and helpful and funny and so sweet. It was awesome.
8. Discovered a new/beautiful spot of light in my sister's house and plan on frequenting it often. Oh, the photographs to be taken! I can't wait.
9. Flowers from my VT.
10. Some much needed lazy days.
11. Saturday night at the pool. One of my favorite things.

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