August 04, 2011

Exhibit A

{the reason I switched labs}

I give you one of many failed scans......

1. Crazy amounts of contrast. yuck.
2. Weird chemistry looking stains, but the negs are clean. what the what????
(feel free to click on the image. You'll really see it large)
3. And large, unexplainable color patch down the left side of every scan. more ????
3. Two+ rolls of botched scanning. There are no words.
4. no compensation for your screw up. Losers!
5. more expense to have scanned correctly. Uh, that's a big fat PEACE OUT!

I'm trying not to be irritated about having to rescan and all the money wasted, but I am.
I really like the images that were bombed. This set of L is adorable. So they will be scanned. Correctly.

The new scans, from the new lab started here. I am happy. I can tell the difference. New lab gives me warmth. So pretty. And man, are they fast. Love that!

So much more to come.

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  1. so I JUST saw this and OH MY GOSH leslie. So proud of your vented frustration in these words!