August 17, 2011

Teary eyed

I have a favorite photo of myself around this same age. I'm sobbing my eyes out. Not sure why I like it. I just do.

So much of childhood is spent exactly this way. I felt the need to photograph it. (Still trying to photograph one of L's wicked tantrums too).

My nieces were trying to help me photograph her sweetly napping in the most glorious window light. On the most beautiful unkempt bed. Just her tiny head peeking out from the covers. But it was too much noise/movement for her and she woke up.

M rarely cries. She's a happy, mischeivous, content one. Rolls with all the punches L throws her way. Gets up just as fast as she goes down. I hope she keeps these traits her whole life. They are priceless.

A new discovery: the afternoon light in my nephew's bedroom. I'll be photographing there more often. Excited!


  1. such a sad face. I like the picture of you, too, when you were about 18 mo old and crying. that picture was taken at school when the other kids were getting their school pictures and you wouldn't stop crying for your pix so I just told the photographer to take it anyway and it is a cute one. Mom

  2. I have the same exact reaction as M when I wake up from a nap.