August 06, 2011

The terrible 3's

This is classic L.


We breezed right through two years old and skipped the terribles, but she's making it up for it now.

She actually wanted her photo taken here. Never happens. And this is what she felt like presenting to the camera. But this is a very mild version of what she can dish out.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 800
That stunning light is courtesy of Em's garage. ( Thank you). It's lovely.


  1. I have always said that "terrible" should be attached to "three" not "two." Two is crazy in it's own way, but three is much more deliberate and willful. Anyway, L is adorable, and the picture is beautiful.

  2. As sassy as she is in the picture...I LOVE IT! She is beautiful!

  3. I can completely relate. Although mine skipped two AND three. She was saving it all up for four. After a particularly bad day this week I was talking to her about it and asked her what happened to my sweet, obedient little girl. She replied through clenched teeth, "I changed."