September 29, 2011

The Carousel

I didn't photograph much of the State Fair. I wasn't feeling that inspired. So I just focused on the girls. I am regretting not asking a few people to take their portrait though. THE BEST people watching.

{I knew this was "the one" from the whole day when I took it. I LOVE it.}

Yep. Typical L. She's such a delight to us. Bwuhahahahaha!

I often ask myself why we even try to do fun things as a family. It is horrible most of the time. And why do we fall all over ourselves just to get a smile from them try and have fun? Pleasant memories don't always come easy. Geez.

Mamiya C220, expired Fuji 400


  1. I just have to say (having sort of been there and done that - the terrible 4's and 2's that is) that I should have done a few things differently. I should have let some things go. I'm not even close to the photographer that you are, but I took my camera everywhere with us. I tried to capture the perfect family moments/outings and what I learned is that it made us all miserable. No one wanted to stop something fun to fake smile or pose for the camera. I just needed to enjoy the moment and not try to capture the moment every time. I guess that's why I say I'm a reformed perfectionist.

    The picture of Lauren at the picnic table is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. Hopefully it was a good book too!

  2. I think the hardest thing for me right now is knowing WHAT things to let go. And not just with outings, but all of parenting. And I try so hard to not let myself interrupt fun for a photograph because you are so one wants to do that! No one. I don't think a photograph should ever trump the moment itself. But wow that can be a hard one. Photographers can be so annoying.