September 18, 2011

The Good Report

1. A glimmer of hope with L's sleep habits. (And then completely shattered again. I've never been so high. or so low. Really, something has got to give).
2. My Visiting Teachers. There are no words. For the longest time I hated the whole concept. It was more annoying than anything.....but I totally get it.
3. The fridge stocked with rolls of film = unlimited possibility = makes me so happy.
4. L and cousin S have improved their relationship. I can't believe how well they are getting along. They were together for one very long day without fighting, tattling, hitting, screaming at each other. Progress.
5. Ok, so I'll admit there has also been other progress with L, but not enough to my liking.
6. We've been hitting the library hard. Three times a week for library hour.
7. For the record, still don't miss Facebook. At all.
8. Fantastic weather for cruising the State Fair.
9. Even better people watching. ( a guinness worthy mullet. wowza. )
10. Watching the girls' pure joy while jumping in the bouncy house. That was worth it.
11. Jeff....he's responsible for all the laughter in our lives.

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