September 09, 2011

Long live the pink blankie

Been wanting to do this for a blankie is cherished. I want to look at these in twenty years and go right back to this moment. And all the other moments pink blankie saved the day, comforted, and cheered her up. Even better if SHE remembers how pink blankie made her feel.

I can't remember if i preferred a blanket growing up, but if I did I'd want a picture of it.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400
Not bad considering this was All shot at f2.8,1/30


  1. I was trying to remember if you had a blankie or not. I'm guessing if you can't remember then you didn't. I had one that got "loved" (i.e. trashed) to death. Don't know where it came from or who might have made it. My kids now all have one and even though some are quite ratty, heaven forbid I should think of getting rid of it.

  2. I love these pictures of L and her blankie. They are so serene and uthereal (sp?) because of the coloring and her peaceful demeanor. I don't remember if you had a blankie, either. L really likes being on the photographed side of the camera, in my not very knowing perspective. She looks right at home with her kitchen cupboard. Love u all, Mom/Grandma