September 11, 2011

The {non} hipster

First roll of traditional bw from my lab switch is a total bust. They can do color ok enough, but traditional bw.... Sheesh. Look at the streaks. This is the messiest mess. What the what?


If I were a hipster I would be thrilled about my "vintage" photos and I'd be calling all my friends to show them how unique and creative I am. Too bad I am not a hipster. Losers jacked up some adorable photos of our life. Totally disappointing considering ALL professional labs should know better. This is basic Photo 101 peeps. But.....they are cheap and I suppose that is why they don't care about quality. I'll be paying a lot to have future bw rolls done right.


(I like this spooky one. A lot.)

Dear lab (which I will not name because I am a classy girl),

Fix your negatives. Wash your negs. Clean up your process. This is a joke.

The NON-hipster

so frustrated........

Mamiya C220, Ilford Delta 3200 bw
f2.8 1/60


  1. The bottom one kind of reminds me of the Mary Ellen Mark from her Ward 81 project (Pretty sure that is not what you were going for.) I agree, I like it to.

  2. Nope, not going for that.....but out of the few frames a took of this "pose" I was drawn to this one. Now I have to go look up her project.

  3. I assume this is the film you want me to take a look at as well? We should figure out some time to get together. (the shot I was referring to was shot from the same angle of a patient in ward 81 who was in the bath with her hair flowing above her head. Structurally very similar.)

  4. Yep, but I compared it to some the FIND lab did and it is definitely purple. And I looked up Ward 81.....that shot is framed exactly. Which has me raising some questions about viewing other people's work. Lately, I've noticed other people's work popping into my head at inconvenient times. Like when when im shooting. Its not good. I feel a blog post coming on. Like how much is too much?....inspiration overload. Maybe my mind is so bogged down with imagery that I can't even see for myself. That is bad. Ever discuss this topic in class?

  5. Yep. Talk about it all the time. Its something everyone goes through. I don't think its something to be afraid of at all. No one works in a vacuum and we are all inspired by something wether it is other photographers or not. Instead of denying it I think we should embrace it. I like the quote "A lion is nothing more or less than every lamb it has eaten." We are what we eat so we might as well eat the best stuff. Be inspired by the greatest, digest them and then spit out their bones. Avoiding imagery of others is just as reactionary as being influenced by it. Embrace that you found a kindred spirit and work through them as a partner rather than as competition. It is by working through what inspires you that you truly develop your own voice, regardless if others have tread a similar path before.