September 07, 2011

On perspective

B's graduation Weekend brought up some interesting stuff for me. For a moment I wondered if I should photograph her experience, my experience, or my experience of her experience? (Following me, here?) I guess I realized I would probably approach everything I photograph slightly different if it were a paid job. But I get to shoot personal work exclusively. Although I long for the visual variety a career would likely offer.... I'm grateful for the skills to tell a really great personal story. And isn't it always about my experience? I think so. Even if I attempt to photograph HER experience which would produce slightly different photographs from the MY experience photographs, I'm still photographing my idea of her experience. Did that make sense? It's an interesting concept. To me, anyway. And it could be interesting to photograph an event all three ways to see what type of images are produced.

Ultimately, I chose MY experience over my experience of her experience.

P.S. I wish I were a better writer. This sounds like a hot mess. But let's discuss this topic.......


  1. you made perfect sense. you wrote beautifully. keep it up.

  2. Not a hot mess. I totally get it. And I love that you think of all this before you photograph something. See, that is why you are an artist. I snap a photo purely for memories. Not much thought involved. But that is also why I often think, "Why did I take this picture? Should I delete it ('cause yes, I only do digital, mwuahahahah)? What did I want to remember about this moment?"

    Ha ha ha. Like I said, that's why YOU are an artist.

    But don't worry, when I start my photog business you can be my first client. Lol.