September 08, 2011

Pillow Talk

I love my late night pillow talk with the hubs. I talk. A LOT. And he listens. He's a great listener. Usually, its the only time to connect during the day. Always, its the only time there are zero distractions. Great things come from our pillow talk. Things come out. Epiphanies. I make sense of things and sort out my feelings. I cry. Lately I've been so grateful for photography. That I got to go to school and learn some stuff. And photographing the girls.....Well, it forces me to really see them for a few seconds. And I see how beautiful they are.

I had a moment a while back....
Oh my gosh.
We are living.
This is huge.


  1. This picture captures a lot for me... "real" play time, messed up hair, happy in play. Looks like "real" childhood to me. Love it!!

  2. Em, I thought the exact same thing.