September 16, 2011

Springville Art Musuem

(view my favorite painting of the day HERE. It was super bright, saturated color. Not at all rusty like depicted online. And I like to eat. I dream of dinners like this with all my friends at one table. Much better in person. A tiny painting....6x10".)

I cant believe I've never been. I spent a Saturday morning wandering ALONE. There is no other way really to visit a museum. Free to be totally distracted by one piece or skip entire sections altogether, then returning to my faves. I went for the quilt show, but it didn't do much for me. I was into the permanent collection of Russian paintings. And the building itself.

P.S. It appears that my camera has developed a light leak. That blows. It's about one out of every twenty four frames. Never the same frame. Never the same spot on the image. Hmmm....

Mamiya C220, expired Fuji pro 400H

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  1. i absolutely love the photo of the church pews in the sunlight. just gorgeous and so, so peaceful.