September 23, 2011

Start the violin.........

I'm feeling grouchy. The day after birthdays are kind of like the day after Christmas. Do you know what I'm talking about? All that work and money for such a fleeting moment. ... hmmph.

I'm also feeling impatient with life. Myself, L, our dreams. pretty much everything. L has made progress (hasn't been in our bed for a couple of weeks). But there's still other things that need to stop.

I missed this months f8 meeting. Which doesn't make me very happy.

I'm bored. Not bored as in nothing to do. Bored as in motherhood is so groundhog day.

And I'm jealous of those who get to travel. Seriously, I had to stop looking at blogs altogether because of my rage. I'm about to have an adult tantrum. Mostly, because of their most disgusting pictures of the most stunning locations. Ew. I'm a hater. Yes, I am.

I'm super frustrated having a new (used) computer that I can do nothing with.

I wish I could snap my fingers and change all my bad habits. It's so exhausting.

I took plenty of birthday party photos last night, but not the ones I wanted of M. Photographing her is futile.

***Of course, it's not all bad or all good. Just needed to get it off my chest. I think I'll go eat some of M's leftover birthday cake. I've taken up emotional eating over the last six months. It's awesome. But it could also explain why I went up a pant size.


  1. Sounds like a 'funk'. The good news is it will pass, the bad news is, you have to trudge through it. I hope things get better soon. Motherhood is so Groundhog Day, with some other crazy stuff mixed in.

  2. Just hold on until they're all in school. Motherhood gets better then. :)