October 31, 2011

When they visit

That's me with my parents and sister, Emily, on the right.
(thank you, kind stranger, for taking our picture)

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

P.S. Totally obsessed with the orange berries.

October 30, 2011

The good report

1. I returned home to a clean kitchen one night. Courtesy of Jeff. That was THE BEST since I was really dreading cleaning up.
2. Simon and Paula together again. I'm seriously into the X factor.
3. Doing festive things like a corn maze.
4. Basil Pesto Tilapia from Costco. I usually despise frozen, prepared foods. And prepared pesto....sick. But this was fab. My mom has picked some great stuff for us. I'll be buying regularly for the nights I don't feel like cooking.
5. Seeing something to photograph other than my regular life. Yes!
6. L was fantastic running errands Thursday. I was thrilled. I liked her. We got along. I have to remind myself of these times.
7. Half price Halloween at Thai Pan Trading. I have had my eye on one thing that really suited my style.
8. My sister took L for an afternoon. Awesome!

.....This week was actually really rough. My parents have gotten the full glimpse of L's wrath on their visit. I have hate in my heart. Oh yes, I do.

October 29, 2011

Current read...

"Photographers may or may not make a living by photography, but they are alive by it."

-Robert Adams
from Why People Photograph. I started reading it for the second time. I like it much more this time around. Maybe because I photograph so differently now than I did the first time around ( when I manufactured everything ).

I'll be quoting as I go along.

October 28, 2011

Shoot Me

I decided I want a photo collage (maybe on my inspiration board or something) just of people taking photographs. So I'm starting to collect. Want to shoot me too?

October 27, 2011

October Meeting

The photos I took.

(P.S. I need to experiment with this type of shadowy light now. I'm smitten. And determined to pull it off in a portrait. I tried, but my 1/15 shutter speed was just too slow for me to hold still.....resulting in a blurry Jessica. Booooooo. Kinda just happy that I saw the light at this point.)

The people I was with.

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

P.S. I think my lab officially sucks at giving a clean scan of blue skies. Grrr!

October 26, 2011


In morning light.
I love this one.

My mom is an avid letter writer and journal keeper. She has the MOST beautiful handwriting. Of course, that is only one little tidbit about her......

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

October 24, 2011

Best of General Conference

Quite possibly my favorite weekend of the year.

Move me. Change me. Motivate me. Inspire me. Answer me. Show me the way.
All of the above.

Dieter F Uchtdorf Forget Me Not
Richard G Scott the power of scripture
Dieter F Uchtdorf you matter to Him
Ian S Ardern a time to prepare
Carl B Cook It is better to look up
The privilege of prayer

(I feel like withdrawing again during November. So many great things to be doing. I've got a long list.)

Falling for it

Took a drive up the canyon with my parents. Here's some of what we saw.

Mamiya C222, Portra 400

October 23, 2011

The good report

1. My mom introduced us to honey crisp apples. Life changing.
2. My parents renting a mini van for their trip was THE BEST idea. So we all cruise around together. (and now I want one).
3. Pumpkin patch with all the family. And some really beautiful light (that was so unexpected).
4. ....giving me a seriously festive feeling.
5. Jeff got the day off which meant he was there for it all.
6. And him being there meant I was able to sneak off to snap some photos. It's a lot harder when I'm alone.
7. I've decided my parents are super patient. .....We were running errands. With kids. Enough said.
8. My parents saved the day and watched the girls so I could go to my photo group meeting.
9. Group meeting was awesome. Photographed in super fleeting light. Followed by dinner and convo.
10. The group has really changed me. Super grateful.
11. Late night chatting with just my mom. Love that.
12. Cilantro lime shrimp from Costco. Stop it. I could eat the entire thing by myself.
13. BYU Women's volleyball game. Kind of had me reliving my not so glory glory days in high school athletics.
14. Family pics are done, dudes!
15. L said the cutest thing after a really long day, "Mom, I'm all out of puff". A line from one of the books we read.

Seriously crushing on this photograph. Get. In. My. House.

October 21, 2011

Location, location, location

I photographed these a couple of weeks ago. Just in case they didn't survive for family pictures tomorrow. But luckily, they are still vibrant and beautiful.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

October 19, 2011


Back in my school days there was a spoken rule that you were not allowed to turn in assignments with puppy dogs, babies, or kittens. Their overt cuteness made us all thoughtless to composition, exposure, etc. So professors eventually banned the subjects completely. But some persisted in their fluffy passion. Finally, my professor gave in, "just do it, just do it. Do it so you can get it out of your system and move on". So they did.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I have some photographs (not puppies) I need to get out of my system. So I can move on. If I'm lucky they might even move me to somewhere new. Something more. That would be ideal. There are some techniques/styles I've been wanting to try. I'm going to copy just TO SEE IF I CAN. (giving credit of course).

Stay tuned.

P.S. Saw and photographed some beautiful light this week. And subjects other than my kids. Grateful for that break from the boredom.

October 16, 2011

The good report

1. Purged a ton after sorting through all our bins of kids clothes. That's been on my list for a long time. Goodbye, stained, worn out, or just plain ugly kid clothes. I won't miss you.
2. Thoroughly obsessed with collecting recipes on Pinterest.
3. Purchased a bag of purple potatoes from Costco. Stunning.
4. Canned 37 pints of beans.
5. Found a fantastic location for our family pics. Picture a giant wall of these. So awesome. Here's hoping they don't die before the 15th. Cross your fingers for me.
6. Photographed those orange berries in case they don't make it another week. Then I can stare at the photos and remember what might have been.
7. Been looking for a NON-embellished jean skirt for L. Found one for $4.
8. Jeff reminding me that I should probably calm down (rest/relax) with my to-do list.
9. I love my Tuesday afternoons when the babysitter arrives and I go do stuff. By myself.
10. My parentals arrived. I WILL be photographing them. (I say this every time. Now, I am accountable).
11. Happening upon an old devotional on channel 11 by my BYU professor, John Telford. About light. Physical and spiritual. Awesome.
12. My VTs continue to go beyond.
13. A mountain drive checking out the fall leaves. It's at the peak of color.
14. My parentals are spoiling us.
15. And spending time with the girls. I melt.

Plenty of color. Yee-owza!

Chicken in Basil Cream Sauce Wow. Just make it. Super delish. I added fresh basil on top to punch up the flavor a bit. Super good. Crunchy breaded bits and tender chicken. Love!

Santa Fe chicken salad nice way to mix it up. I love all those ingredients, but last week's was better. Just add black beans to that one.

October 14, 2011

Red Velvet

Jeff turned 37.

cake inspiration from HERE. also made by my cousin.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400
side note: super annoyed with photo labs. the good ones are soooooo expensive. Like $30+ a roll.
Cannot. afford. that.
And the bad ones....well, their work is real sloppy. The super discerning blog reader/photographer may have already noticed.
{insert adult tantrum}.

October 13, 2011

Heart pouring and Disconnect

Last week I had one of those days where I was just super sad, frustrated, etc. Im having a funky one today too. Sometimes I feel like every photographer is more creative, inspired, talented. Just more, more, more. (I kind of hate how I'm seeing right now so that doesn't help. Or how I'm NOT seeing is more accurate). And all the mothers are super smart, crazy successful, make money off of every thought in her head. This one is particularly bothersome to me. Even when you know you have made the right decisions, it is still difficult (for me) to watch others flourish. Ill admit it. I feel like everyone is living their dreams except for me. (I freaking hate that Oprah best life school of thought. I really do.) And then, of course, there is the "every mother understands her kids better, more loving blah blah blah....." thoughts that constantly roll through my head. Honestly, I'm not the mom I thought I would be. And it kind of bums me out. I thought I would be so much better at it. I get super frustrated with myself. That I should be more comfortable, have a lot more figured out at 34. I suppose the disconnect between who we are and who we want to be keeps us on our toes...moving forward. Evolving. Haven't photographed for a couple weeks which makes me grouchier. I always need a little something visually inspiring to keep my spirits up. And I'm sooooooo over photographing our life right now. Snooze! I'm really trying to seek the ultimate source of validation.

In the meantime, here are a few posts that I can reeeeeeally appreciate:
Being myself
Doing it all
Just because

1982 never looked so good.....

Renae, 1982

Happy Birthday, to the first born!

October 12, 2011

You say it's your birthday

Ive decided September is THE BEST month to have a birthday.

Words cannot describe how much I loved this cake. It was so pretty. Idea from HERE. Made by my cousin. I'm now partial to vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Yeee-um! Having someone else make the cake is the only way to go, in my opinion. Because......I hate making cakes, and it is just one less thing to worry about. Notice the finger prints? That's L's custom work. The color scheme was all based on what confetti sprinkles we could find (Walmart).

This picture kind of cracks me up

This is my new favorite way to decorate.

Ballon idea from pinterest.

(I'm still not over pom poms.)

That baby stroller is still a hit. My sister scores major points.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400