October 02, 2011

Conference coma


All that lounging and staying in was not good for the body. But the speakers were good for the heart. This one was for me. I prepared with a lot of questions. They were answered.


L got the pukes Saturday night (four times). Poor thing. And I got the dry heaves every time.

Jeffy is leaving for his motorcycle this trip this week. I've got a long to-do list. Like....

A tiny birthday party for Jeff.
Canning Em's garden tomatoes.
Cleaning out the sewing room. Again. So I can start some more quilts. I really, really want to be working on some quilts soon.
Cleaning out the hall closet. Groan. It's a disaster. It mocks me every time I open that door.
Hiring a babysitter on Friday so I can go do something. Alone.

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