October 02, 2011

The Good Report

1. M calls for her dad every morning. I prefer it that way. :)
2. L is going to her Sunbeam class happily. Haven't had her whining, crying, and begging for a month. It's so very nice.
3. A Monday night at the park as a family.
4. Women's Conference. That Dieter gets me every time. Still thinking about plenty from this one.
5. Jeff asked me to take some photographs of him/the motorcycle. Why, yes! Yes, I will.
6. He was also able to reconcile his LONG work hours with his boss. And is back to 7PM home.
7. Our Tuesday afternoon babysitter is the best. The girls love her. I love that she plays with them and takes them to the park.
8. M got her baby mullet cut off again. Her baby bangs and baby bob are killin' me. The cuteness is over the top.
9. L is sleeping in until 9:00 most mornings. I'll take it. And only getting up once at night. It's progress.
10. Sushi with friends. Dining outside. No kids. Oh yes.
11. General Conference. Super meaningful to me. I believe.
12. Sat night wedding reception....killing me with the desserts. Yummy!

Check out this J Crew-esque necklace for little girls. I die! And I'm planning hundreds of Sunday outfits around it. L is totally into wearing a little accessory at church and so am I.

Chicken enchiladas that hardly use any cheese. (I only shredded one cup medium cheddar on top and left it out of the middle). The white sauce is super deelish.


  1. Leslie, I love your blog. It always makes me happy. Tonight, it made US happy when I tried the chicken enchilada recipe you posted today (I couldn't believe I had all the ingredients on hand, except I had to substitute pepper jack cheese,which was great since we like spicy!)!

  2. I'm glad L is doing better in the sleeping department. Yes, conference was really good, as we Pres. Uchtdorf's talk at women's conference. Lots of the talks were meant for me and I look forward to reading them in the Ensign. Love you all. Mom