October 16, 2011

The good report

1. Purged a ton after sorting through all our bins of kids clothes. That's been on my list for a long time. Goodbye, stained, worn out, or just plain ugly kid clothes. I won't miss you.
2. Thoroughly obsessed with collecting recipes on Pinterest.
3. Purchased a bag of purple potatoes from Costco. Stunning.
4. Canned 37 pints of beans.
5. Found a fantastic location for our family pics. Picture a giant wall of these. So awesome. Here's hoping they don't die before the 15th. Cross your fingers for me.
6. Photographed those orange berries in case they don't make it another week. Then I can stare at the photos and remember what might have been.
7. Been looking for a NON-embellished jean skirt for L. Found one for $4.
8. Jeff reminding me that I should probably calm down (rest/relax) with my to-do list.
9. I love my Tuesday afternoons when the babysitter arrives and I go do stuff. By myself.
10. My parentals arrived. I WILL be photographing them. (I say this every time. Now, I am accountable).
11. Happening upon an old devotional on channel 11 by my BYU professor, John Telford. About light. Physical and spiritual. Awesome.
12. My VTs continue to go beyond.
13. A mountain drive checking out the fall leaves. It's at the peak of color.
14. My parentals are spoiling us.
15. And spending time with the girls. I melt.

Plenty of color. Yee-owza!

Chicken in Basil Cream Sauce Wow. Just make it. Super delish. I added fresh basil on top to punch up the flavor a bit. Super good. Crunchy breaded bits and tender chicken. Love!

Santa Fe chicken salad nice way to mix it up. I love all those ingredients, but last week's was better. Just add black beans to that one.


  1. Great to-dos accomplished! And 'plenty of color'?! Are you freaking kidding me? I love those! esp. the 8th one down: green succulents on clay/adobe color. Keep up the creativity!

  2. I will pray that those orange berries stay alive. The pictures will be amazing!

    Also, thanks for the recipes. I can't wait to make them both. I totally trust your recommendations.

  3. Pinterest is a fun thing to venture into. I just saw the pictures from M's birthday. I love your decorations! I may have to copy the balloons from the ceiling sometime soon. Love all the pictures!