October 23, 2011

The good report

1. My mom introduced us to honey crisp apples. Life changing.
2. My parents renting a mini van for their trip was THE BEST idea. So we all cruise around together. (and now I want one).
3. Pumpkin patch with all the family. And some really beautiful light (that was so unexpected).
4. ....giving me a seriously festive feeling.
5. Jeff got the day off which meant he was there for it all.
6. And him being there meant I was able to sneak off to snap some photos. It's a lot harder when I'm alone.
7. I've decided my parents are super patient. .....We were running errands. With kids. Enough said.
8. My parents saved the day and watched the girls so I could go to my photo group meeting.
9. Group meeting was awesome. Photographed in super fleeting light. Followed by dinner and convo.
10. The group has really changed me. Super grateful.
11. Late night chatting with just my mom. Love that.
12. Cilantro lime shrimp from Costco. Stop it. I could eat the entire thing by myself.
13. BYU Women's volleyball game. Kind of had me reliving my not so glory glory days in high school athletics.
14. Family pics are done, dudes!
15. L said the cutest thing after a really long day, "Mom, I'm all out of puff". A line from one of the books we read.

Seriously crushing on this photograph. Get. In. My. House.

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