October 03, 2011

The wait

I would so enlarge this one if I hadn't framed it this way.


I don't really know what to say for myself.
But those big brown eyes. stop it already.

The girls and I were bored waiting for Jeff while running errands. So I pulled out the camera to entertain myself.

And speaking of bored....I'm totally bored with my photography right now. Feeling pretty indifferent about it all.


Super yawn.

It all looks the same to me.
Usually means some sort of hiatus is coming on.

Mamiya C220, expired Fuji 400H


  1. I love these photos; those eyes! Her expressions! Just beautiful.

  2. Well, I think your photography is quite wonderful! I stumbled upon your blog while researching film photography (I have an 18 month old daughter whom I struggle to capture on digital, let alone on film as I'd like to!). Your pictures prove it can be done! So, for purely selfish reasons, I hope that potential hiatus doesn't happen... ;)