November 30, 2011

Bubble bath (cousins)

This was quite a while ago. Sometime in the summer.
I just got around to getting it processed (a little hesitant after those other ones).

Mamiya RZ, Ilford Delta 3200

November 29, 2011

Self portrait

I'd say this is a really accurate portrait.
Dirty mirror. Check.
Messy room. Check.
Kids climbing all over me. Check.

Mamiya RZ, Ilford Delta 3200 BW

November 28, 2011

She's a delight


Mamiya RZ, Ilford Delta 3200

Just one day

She turns four next month.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

November 27, 2011

The good report

1. Jeff cleaned the car.
2. I re-hung white lights in the girls room.
3. Meeting new photographers. A great night of shooting.
4. Trying this.
5. Pedicure & hot stone message with my pal, Alisha.
6. Followed by Breaking Dawn. Wow. That one was gross. Too much blood. And that officially goes down as THE WORST baby name ever. You know what I'm talking about.
7. Staying out way too late was totally worth it.
8. Dying over the photos Kiera took of me.
9. L and M went to bed without a fight (for Jeff).
10. Four day weekend.
11. L has been cracking me up.
12. French silk. My very, very, very fave.
13. Put up the Christmas decor. I gotta's the bare minimum. I'm not feeling it this year.
14. Light parade on Main Street.
15. L is rocking my world with her sleep habits. The tides have totally turned at our house.

November 23, 2011

Give Thanks

...Outside our window

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400 converted to bw

November 20, 2011

The good report

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
(um, I hope so).

1. Watching Annie Liebowitz on Visionaries
2. Cut the squares for another quilt.
3. I like SUNNY winter days. Had some this week.
4. The hub's long work days mean I will be seeking sewing machine therapy. Which means I'll finish the quilt soon.
5. Roasted broccoli rules. Mmmm.
6. Super excited about a handful of portraits I'll be taking soon. Dream work. *sigh*
7. Still rocking the packed lunch. Go us.
8. Now that L has started sleeping.....I can see all the adorable things she does. She has some sweet qualities.
9. And that, M, such a big girl (potty training).
10. Super grateful for my sister who listened to me go off. On her birthday. Not my best timing. (And Alisha, a few days later. ...NOT her birthday).
11. An evening alone at the fabric store. It's a been a while. Lots of pretty fabric and skirt patterns. Lots of browsing.
12. Returned home to an empty dishwasher, courtesty of Jeff.
13. Started sewing that quilt. (It will be sold in my shop. I hope someone buys, buys, buys. Then I'll make more).
14. Super excited to meet some new photogs this week.
15. Most days M falls asleep at nap time "reading" to herself.
16. A sunset that had me gasping out loud.
17. Jeff surprised me with a new phone one night. Here are the reasons that totally rocks my world:
*my phone died *the phone was F-R-E-E. *Jeff took care of my problems (hero) *I didn't have to pack up the girls and wait at the store, then wait some more. And no losing my mind telling the girls to stop touch everything every five seconds. *So he solved two problems.
18. My sister took the girls overnight.
19. Late night movie date with Jeff.
20. Watching Three Muskateers. I loved it.
21. Total cost of two movie tickets, popcorn, candy, and soda = $10. I love our local theater.
22. Midnight snow storm was beautiful.

P.S. Since it's Thanksgiving week I'm taking a break from blogging. I'll share some photos after the holiday. Eat well and enjoy!

November 15, 2011

Show me

Sometimes I feel so desperate to SEE.
When a long (a week) period of time goes by and I haven't photographed anything because I haven't noticed anything, I get a little restless. Then, a huge sigh of relief when I respond to something and I'm reminded I'm not creatively dead inside.

That's all.


We went back to the corn maze. Just the four of us. And I noticed totally different light this time (love that).

Mamiya C220, Kodad Portra 400

November 14, 2011


M was jumping on the tramp at my sister's house one day and I couldn't stop staring at this (under the tramp). The light was so even.

So I took a picture.

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

November 13, 2011

Color brights


I want to DIY that artwork in a major way.

The Good Report

1. Lunch packing. Go us!
2. Local lab carries some of my favorite films for much cheaper than my online source. Though not consistently stocked, I plan on hitting them up whenever possible. Super score.
3. Hanging at Carolee's talking and talking until late.
4. Potty training is going totally FAB. Mostly. Lol.
5. charge by MAC store for checking our old computer out. Nice.

I want this hair cut like, yesterday. I will be trying my hardest to copy.

November 11, 2011

Corner room

This is the only Halloween decoration I put up this year. I just didn't care (with my parents visit and all). But I kind of love the lights.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

November 10, 2011

Fall in love

leaf wall on Orem Blvd.....

This really is my favorite time of year.

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

P.S. I opened the back of my camera. With film in it. And lost a handful of these leaf images.
Some good ones.
And THAT is a Bummer.

November 08, 2011

Oh yeah, family photos

Sharon posted our family pics on her blog today.
(by the way.....She's in the group.)

I've already decided on my faves and I'm ready to frame. A dozen (or so) are going up in our master bedroom to fill the massive blank wall.

Family pics were followed by lunch (Go. Try the bread pudding. Oh my!) and park with the kids. Basically, we got to spend all day with Sharon and Co.

The timing on these couldn't be better. We are wrapping up a very exhausting/weary/tiring phase with L. So a record of some loving interactions is totally priceless. Super grateful.

Truth is, we I kind of needed these.

November 06, 2011

The good report

1. Sunday naps. I got one. I want one every week.
2. I feel really happy about my current communications with L.
3. It's quite possible the balance of power has shifted. Back to the parents.
4. I think it's pretty awesome that my parents were here for three weeks and I wanted them to stay longer.
5. Um, have I mentioned the purge? Yeah, I have. And I'm going to mention it again BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. I freaking love our house right now. So clean. So clutter free.
6. Carolee, talked to our lab about the issues. She used to work for them so I have high hopes that relationship/conversation will breed results. I (we) might get some proper scans.
7. I seriously come alive during this time of year. Love it.
8. Keith Carter lecture at BYU. Eeeeeeeee!!!
9. And Jeffy was there with me.
10. Some super sweet moments with the girls.
11. A peek at family pictures.

November 04, 2011

Lecture me

Alisha, Carolee, Keith Carter, and Me
{Thanks to Trav for making it all happen}

Last night, I went to the Keith Carter lecture at BYU. Um, it was awesome. He is so delightful. What a cool guy. such a pleasure. He is a happy person and excited about photography. A breath of fresh air.

So many gems and great insight, but my two favorites from the night:

The full weight and mystery of our work rests on our relationship to our subject matter.. that!

One of the radical ideas of modern art is that your life is a work of art. .....Um, hello! Yes. Yes, and yes. That is the good report.

So cool.

November 03, 2011

Here's why

Ah, film!
So much to love really. Many people have written elequent posts/articles on the subject. Smarter, more successful folks than myself. But I'll tell you why I can't get enough:

It is luminous
It has depth
It feels soulful & organic.
It renders subtlety in light so flawlessly. (Oh my goodness that is SO important)
It makes me discerning.

It was that way from the first print in the darkroom. And is even more exciting to me now discovering beauty in my daily life. Looking for luminous. Hoping to see. It's all about the rendering of light. Digital just never had the magic for me.

Disclaimer: Although I am a film lover, I also believe CONTENT trumps the type of medium every time. Content, content, content.

The end.

November 02, 2011

Dear November

I've got high hopes for you. There's......

Quilt square cutting
Coat closet/ linen closet/ master closet clean out and purge
Clearing the top of fridge
Reorganize kid art supplies and make more accessible
Can more chicken
Find some non disgusting freezer meals
Potty training M
A Mending pile that must be conquered
Jeff's fix-it list on the fridge

Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I conquered the coat closet. It's so clean and beautiful now. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. It's so awesome.

Corn Maze

No one really wanted to cooperate with the family snaps. Not surprising, but also no biggie. I took the still life/landscape route instead.

I like.

This maze was just right. Not so complicated that you want to call 911 to get out. I hate those. In fact, it was so easy we went through twice. And the weather was so fantastic. A beautiful night.

So many possibilities.
It really was so beautiful. I'd like to go back. There's a few more shots I'd like to take.

Mamiya C220, Portra 400

November 01, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Mamiya C220, Portra 400