November 06, 2011

The good report

1. Sunday naps. I got one. I want one every week.
2. I feel really happy about my current communications with L.
3. It's quite possible the balance of power has shifted. Back to the parents.
4. I think it's pretty awesome that my parents were here for three weeks and I wanted them to stay longer.
5. Um, have I mentioned the purge? Yeah, I have. And I'm going to mention it again BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. I freaking love our house right now. So clean. So clutter free.
6. Carolee, talked to our lab about the issues. She used to work for them so I have high hopes that relationship/conversation will breed results. I (we) might get some proper scans.
7. I seriously come alive during this time of year. Love it.
8. Keith Carter lecture at BYU. Eeeeeeeee!!!
9. And Jeffy was there with me.
10. Some super sweet moments with the girls.
11. A peek at family pictures.


  1. The family images are BEAUTIFUL! I don't know Sharon personally, but I'm familiar with her work and she has such a gift! LOVE the orange and blue you chose ... that wall with the red ivy and the grey blue tin?? GAH. Now you get the difficult task of getting those beauties up on the wall! ;-)