November 20, 2011

The good report

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
(um, I hope so).

1. Watching Annie Liebowitz on Visionaries
2. Cut the squares for another quilt.
3. I like SUNNY winter days. Had some this week.
4. The hub's long work days mean I will be seeking sewing machine therapy. Which means I'll finish the quilt soon.
5. Roasted broccoli rules. Mmmm.
6. Super excited about a handful of portraits I'll be taking soon. Dream work. *sigh*
7. Still rocking the packed lunch. Go us.
8. Now that L has started sleeping.....I can see all the adorable things she does. She has some sweet qualities.
9. And that, M, such a big girl (potty training).
10. Super grateful for my sister who listened to me go off. On her birthday. Not my best timing. (And Alisha, a few days later. ...NOT her birthday).
11. An evening alone at the fabric store. It's a been a while. Lots of pretty fabric and skirt patterns. Lots of browsing.
12. Returned home to an empty dishwasher, courtesty of Jeff.
13. Started sewing that quilt. (It will be sold in my shop. I hope someone buys, buys, buys. Then I'll make more).
14. Super excited to meet some new photogs this week.
15. Most days M falls asleep at nap time "reading" to herself.
16. A sunset that had me gasping out loud.
17. Jeff surprised me with a new phone one night. Here are the reasons that totally rocks my world:
*my phone died *the phone was F-R-E-E. *Jeff took care of my problems (hero) *I didn't have to pack up the girls and wait at the store, then wait some more. And no losing my mind telling the girls to stop touch everything every five seconds. *So he solved two problems.
18. My sister took the girls overnight.
19. Late night movie date with Jeff.
20. Watching Three Muskateers. I loved it.
21. Total cost of two movie tickets, popcorn, candy, and soda = $10. I love our local theater.
22. Midnight snow storm was beautiful.

P.S. Since it's Thanksgiving week I'm taking a break from blogging. I'll share some photos after the holiday. Eat well and enjoy!


  1. I would so buy you quilts AND your photography. I think you should sell both.

  2. I'm glad everyone is doing better, with sleeping, potty training, have some alone time and serving one another. You are all great people and we really enjoyed being in your home for those weeks. Have a really nice Thanksgiving and much love to all. Mom