November 03, 2011

Here's why

Ah, film!
So much to love really. Many people have written elequent posts/articles on the subject. Smarter, more successful folks than myself. But I'll tell you why I can't get enough:

It is luminous
It has depth
It feels soulful & organic.
It renders subtlety in light so flawlessly. (Oh my goodness that is SO important)
It makes me discerning.

It was that way from the first print in the darkroom. And is even more exciting to me now discovering beauty in my daily life. Looking for luminous. Hoping to see. It's all about the rendering of light. Digital just never had the magic for me.

Disclaimer: Although I am a film lover, I also believe CONTENT trumps the type of medium every time. Content, content, content.

The end.

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