November 08, 2011

Oh yeah, family photos

Sharon posted our family pics on her blog today.
(by the way.....She's in the group.)

I've already decided on my faves and I'm ready to frame. A dozen (or so) are going up in our master bedroom to fill the massive blank wall.

Family pics were followed by lunch (Go. Try the bread pudding. Oh my!) and park with the kids. Basically, we got to spend all day with Sharon and Co.

The timing on these couldn't be better. We are wrapping up a very exhausting/weary/tiring phase with L. So a record of some loving interactions is totally priceless. Super grateful.

Truth is, we I kind of needed these.


  1. these are great!

    love your red hair + boots.

  2. what an awesome family! We loved being there with all of you and I think the family pix are great. Mom

  3. Beautiful family!
    I love the blue and orange colour combo; It looks great on you guys!

    Thanks for sharing Sharon's blog; I will be stopping in there every so often to view her creativity.

  4. what wonderful pictures of your family! i love all the colors; these will look great framed in your home!

  5. Those are really cute. I really like your outfit choices and location!

  6. Love the pics, Love the location, Love your colors! Tiff