December 08, 2011

Dream work/Dream Girl

I met Kaneischa at Carolee's baby shower. Sometimes faces just stand out to me. She was one of them. It could have been her bright red lipstick and the hair I've always dreamed of.
(still waiting for a few more scans from the lab, but I couldn't wait to post).

Can you believe this girl? Wowza.

Blue zippers.

(I've always wanted to take a photo like this. It happened to work perfectly on this day.)

A stare down with the kitty.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400
If you want to be photographed like this (at your place. in your space).....Well then, I'm totally game. And we should talk.


  1. Great stuff! There's really something so much more intriguing about taking pictures of someone in a natural place for them, like home. I love it!

  2. yes please. these are gorgeous!