December 04, 2011

The good report

1. Some personal work last Sunday. A portrait I've been wanting to do for a while. So excited. (posting this week)
2. Watched The Help. By myself. At the cheap theater.
3. Jeffy's ridiculously long hours mean I have time to myself after the girls are asleep. I've been watching a lot of movies.
4. Rented Crazy, stupid, love. Wow...that Ryan I get it.
5. Rented Water for elephants. Hated the book. Now, I also know I didn't need to see the movie.
6. My lab gave me a half off discount on three rolls of processing/scanning. Just because they forgot to scan one roll. That was awesome. I'm impressed. It was so cheap!!
7. Our carbon monoxide detector went off. So the fire dept came and took some readings. It was all ok. My nieghbors were super helpful with the girls. And we had the nicest EMT workers. M has taken a liking to the teddy bear they gave her.
8. A festive weekend: festival of lights, gingerbread house decorating.

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