December 12, 2011

The good report

1. It's the little things... like Jeff fixing leaky sink, shower head. A new, very large shower caddy freeing up space around the tub.
2. L found Jeff's old cell phone that I thought I threw away. Thus, returning $275 we paid for that lost phone. Soooooo very happy.
3. Got tons of Christmas shopping done thanks to after school babysitter.
4. The girls do not cry when said babysitter shows up. It's all, "bye, mom" and totally tear free.
5. Sharon's family pictures. I want to do them all that way. All the time.
6. Followed by f8 meeting/dinner at her house.
7. Best guacamole ever. But more importantly, there were some chips that changed my life.
8. Lots of big events in everyone's lives.
9. And a print exchange. Merry Christmas to us.
10. Great convos and inspiring peeps as usual.
11. Traffic free commute to and from Clearfield. A gift.
12. Jeff got home a little earlier this week.
13. Saturday date night.
14. Our favorite Mexican restaurant.
15. L turned four.

1 comment:

  1. 1. miss you
    2. noticed your "departure" from fb once more
    3. let me know if you ever need anything- ever
    4. cannot wait to see the pics you captured at sharon's... my whole roll didn't advance so i got nothing from our party :( sad