December 09, 2011

Meet & Shoot {part 3}

I about fell off my chair when I saw Autumn De Wilde's photograph on pinterest. And remember this post? This was one of the photographs I was talking about. I wanted to see if I could do it. And when I emailed Alisha the photo I was drooling over, she offered to bring a box of gels from her studio. Perfect.

There were some issues. Like my slow shutter speed (low light at the end of the day). So all the frames (5) I took were slightly soft. And there were the gels.... which reflect everything and flop over all the time. Oh, and the whackadoo color scans I got from the lab too. Grrr. This is the best correction I could do (I am soooo not an editing expert. I freaking hate editing. Remember, that is one of the reasons I love film. Kind of pointless if my lab sucks. End of rant.) before finally giving in and chalking it all up to education.

But holy crap.....this is awesome. I will be revisiting.
Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Ooooo I love me some color!

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400


  1. love, love, love - esp the darker trapezoid shape in the middle where the gels overlap.

  2. OOOOO MMMMM GGGGGG!! Lets do this again! I need more. This picture turned out so well. Good job!

  3. Can I also just say how privileged I feel having been your subject for this experiment and am beside myself that I am now on pinterest. :)) Seriously though Leslie, I am dying over this shot and we NEED to do this again.