December 27, 2011

Random thoughts

Our couch is screaming for some new pillows.
Not all pillow inserts are created equal. I'm willing to invest in the good ones.
December is not a great month at our house.
I crave the sun.
B the babysitter surprised me by cleaning our (most disgusting) microwave. Happy dance!
L is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Happy dance!
I am withdrawing from life. For now.
So grateful for my VT. Can't stop thinking about all they have done for me.
I need/want more friends and a social life. Soon.
I like Coca Cola.
M never wants to wear clothes.
But I love that she is potty trained.
After Christmas clearance. I'd be willing to wait and purchase all presents until AFTER every. Single. Year.
Welcome home little lovely.
L has been singing a Hanukkah song all afternoon. ????

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