January 29, 2012

The good report

1. B continues the deep clean..... 2. And is all around helpful. 3. Jeff and I discover one of favorite Mexican places is right here in town. Disguised under a different name. So excited. 4. Alisha stops in for a visit and brings lunch. 5. Jeff's safe motorcycle trip. 6. I survived single parenting and had some gold medal moments. For real.

January 27, 2012

Sharon & Family

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

The many faces of.......

This is classic M. Her hair is always in her eyes (if I haven't done a ponytail). And she's super expressive these days. These are the last photos I took.....sometime early December. M is a total delight. Super amusing to me.
Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

January 22, 2012

The good report

1. L has been going to her new primary class. .....I was worried.
2. I might be converting to a summer girl in my old age because I loooooooove sunny days right now. I need them. I want to fast forward to the warm months.
3. Can I get a high five for no cost refinance on our mortgage? Oh yeah, I dig it!
4. Jeff surprised me with a French fry cutter. We love our oven fries (but I don't love the cutting). So excited.
5. Hiring B to help deep clean the house was the best idea. (Because I let it go for way too long and feel utterly overwhelmed and disgusted by it all.)
6. Kind of love sweet Alisha who checks on me through text......even with a brand new baby in her life.
7. And she arranges for us to meet my photographer crush.
8. Jeff packing his own lunches. My hero.
9. Continuous comments on all my quilts. Thanks to whoever first pinned them to pinterest.
10. M is becoming a more adventurous eater. That's my fave.
11. L started naming things. Her pillow pet unicorn, Diamond, is the latest. Cracks me up.
12. American Idol. I love me some Steven Tyler and JLo.
13. And watching L and M sing their hearts out is hilarious. Even though they have no idea what the lyrics are.
14. Carolee bringing dinner.
15. Jeffy's work connections = free vacuum repair
16. L's prayers have become really thoughtful.

January 19, 2012

Making it through

"....Be thankful for all the small successes in your home, your family, your relationships....
These successes may seem tiny to you and they may go unnoticed by others, but God notices them and they are not small to Him."
--From this talk

I've been clinging to this quote these days. It's on my mind constantly. So I've been noticing things.

Conditions aren't exactly ideal around here, but our family successes are not small to ME either. Here's to making it through. And here's to mediocrity which is sooooo enough right now.

January 18, 2012

Quilt manifesto (or ramblings)

I've got quilts on my mind. The possibilities are making me so very happy. I'll even go as far to say dreaming up quilts is "the thing" keeping me going right now. The one thing that makes me happy. Ooooo, So many I want to make. My next one might be the easiest one yet. (Could bomb completely in it's simplicity though also.) My sister got me thinking about my own motivations and priorities. I like minimal, sparse (juvenile in their simplicity???) quilts. Bright colors. And solid fabrics. I quilt for myself. For our house. For our naps and lounging in front of the tv. For the girls to sleep with and make forts out of. Our quilts are not decorative heirlooms. That drives me nuts. What a waste. They are used and abused. Peed on, puked on, sharpie stained. I quilt because we needed blankets that weren't hideous. I quilt because even if I was willing to pay for overpriced bedding, what I want doesn't exist.

Thanks, Mom, (Again) For those sewing skills.

Thanks Em, for walking me through the first few.

To 2012,
I'd like to finish three quilts. That's a lot. For me. And for our current family sitch.
But I won't be punishing myself for incompletes. Who cares!

Quilting rocks.

January 15, 2012

The good report

1. L had a great time at the pediatric dentist. And apparently her teeth are fantastic. (I, however, formed a lot of negative opinions about their office. Geez. I could really go off.)
2. L is blowing my mind with her willingness to clean up. Yay! Yay! Yay!
3. Both the girls like me to hold their hand as they fall asleep. It's really sweet.
4. Taught the hubs to make his favorite dinner. I'm so proud! *Sniff, sniff*
5. No migraines! (I fear the migraine)
6. Some great convos with the hubs.
7. Restocked L's deficient wardrobe with jeans and leggings for exactly what I wanted to pay. I heart Target.
8. Jeff has been putting M to bed whenever possible. Completely easing my bedtime responsibilities. Yeeeeeeesssssssss!
9. I channeled his laid back attitude on an errand run with the girls. It worked.

January 08, 2012

The good report

1. Finished the quilt top for my sister-in-law. It's awesome.
2. The most beautiful, sunny, mild weather this week. It's doing wonders for my mood.
3. Solo doctor visits......(no chasing, worrying about kids).
4. New pillow for the couch in a bright color.
5. Orange or pink jeans? Yeah, I want a pair.
6. Signed L up for preschool in September. Eeee! (and eek!). The best part is she will be going with one of her favorites.
7. L has been super helpful all week by picking up after herself (without tantrums). It's a whole new world.
8. Grateful this migraine hit over the weekend when Jeff is home to take care of it all.
9. The ER hooked me up with some relief.
10. Oh, that Jeff.
11. Sprint finally credited our account that $275.

January 05, 2012

More randoms....

I have no desire to blog or photograph. And I am not at all bothered by that.
Accepting the funk/phase/season I'm in.
But I wish I could sew all day. And had the mountains of energy needed to back me up.
Getting the itch to create a quilt, and sew sweet little spring tops for the girls. From the pretty fabrics in my stash.
I despise sewing for other people unless it's my idea.
I despise TEACHING people to sew even more. Like shoot me dead.
Not sure why this ended up being all about sewing.
Been thinking and talking to the hubs about the vision for 2012. Cuz 2011 sucked in so many ways.
I'm tired of just being "ok".
Photography was the only thing that didn't suck in 2011. Truth.
A long, emotional chat with my sister led to some insight about .....well, a lot.
I hope you have a sister.
And read the Ensign. Nov 2011 rocks my world. Gen Conf still resonating.

January 01, 2012

The good report

1. Gladly put away all the Christmas decor. Good riddance! I hate you, December.
2. My AFTER Christmas present arrived. It's so great. I love it. But L thinks it's her own personal kid table.
3. Jeff off work for five consecutive days. Taking care of me and the girls. I need it.
4. Jeff cleaned both cars, inside and out. Needed that too.
5. 102 point scrabble word. Qaid. Triple letter. Triple word.

That's pretty much all I've got. Looking forward to a fresh start. Hoping. Moving on.