January 22, 2012

The good report

1. L has been going to her new primary class. .....I was worried.
2. I might be converting to a summer girl in my old age because I loooooooove sunny days right now. I need them. I want to fast forward to the warm months.
3. Can I get a high five for no cost refinance on our mortgage? Oh yeah, I dig it!
4. Jeff surprised me with a French fry cutter. We love our oven fries (but I don't love the cutting). So excited.
5. Hiring B to help deep clean the house was the best idea. (Because I let it go for way too long and feel utterly overwhelmed and disgusted by it all.)
6. Kind of love sweet Alisha who checks on me through text......even with a brand new baby in her life.
7. And she arranges for us to meet my photographer crush.
8. Jeff packing his own lunches. My hero.
9. Continuous comments on all my quilts. Thanks to whoever first pinned them to pinterest.
10. M is becoming a more adventurous eater. That's my fave.
11. L started naming things. Her pillow pet unicorn, Diamond, is the latest. Cracks me up.
12. American Idol. I love me some Steven Tyler and JLo.
13. And watching L and M sing their hearts out is hilarious. Even though they have no idea what the lyrics are.
14. Carolee bringing dinner.
15. Jeffy's work connections = free vacuum repair
16. L's prayers have become really thoughtful.

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