January 05, 2012

More randoms....

I have no desire to blog or photograph. And I am not at all bothered by that.
Accepting the funk/phase/season I'm in.
But I wish I could sew all day. And had the mountains of energy needed to back me up.
Getting the itch to create a quilt, and sew sweet little spring tops for the girls. From the pretty fabrics in my stash.
I despise sewing for other people unless it's my idea.
I despise TEACHING people to sew even more. Like shoot me dead.
Not sure why this ended up being all about sewing.
Been thinking and talking to the hubs about the vision for 2012. Cuz 2011 sucked in so many ways.
I'm tired of just being "ok".
Photography was the only thing that didn't suck in 2011. Truth.
A long, emotional chat with my sister led to some insight about .....well, a lot.
I hope you have a sister.
And read the Ensign. Nov 2011 rocks my world. Gen Conf still resonating.


  1. we've also talked about our expectations for 2012 and two of the things we want to do are to live our current life style but do it more frugally and wise in the money department and to live a life of better health choices.
    We have been greatly blessed and we need to show our gratitude to the Lord by expressing that and by our life choices and by learning what we are supposed to in adversities that come our way. I agree that the Nov 2011 Ensign is wonderful--I'm about 3/4 of the way through it. Love you, Mom

  2. I have two sisters so I feel extra grateful. With one, we have long discussions about being OK. And last year was also my "I'm more than OK in photography year". I figure January is the month it's ok to feel just ok. Gears you up for the 11 other months waiting for greatness.

    That's what I tell myself anyway...