January 18, 2012

Quilt manifesto (or ramblings)

I've got quilts on my mind. The possibilities are making me so very happy. I'll even go as far to say dreaming up quilts is "the thing" keeping me going right now. The one thing that makes me happy. Ooooo, So many I want to make. My next one might be the easiest one yet. (Could bomb completely in it's simplicity though also.) My sister got me thinking about my own motivations and priorities. I like minimal, sparse (juvenile in their simplicity???) quilts. Bright colors. And solid fabrics. I quilt for myself. For our house. For our naps and lounging in front of the tv. For the girls to sleep with and make forts out of. Our quilts are not decorative heirlooms. That drives me nuts. What a waste. They are used and abused. Peed on, puked on, sharpie stained. I quilt because we needed blankets that weren't hideous. I quilt because even if I was willing to pay for overpriced bedding, what I want doesn't exist.

Thanks, Mom, (Again) For those sewing skills.

Thanks Em, for walking me through the first few.

To 2012,
I'd like to finish three quilts. That's a lot. For me. And for our current family sitch.
But I won't be punishing myself for incompletes. Who cares!

Quilting rocks.

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