February 11, 2012

The good report

1. Jeff has been doing the grocery shopping for me (us).
2. And putting the girls to bed A LOT.
3. So grateful the girls are accepting their dad as a bedtime option. That was a transition that really needed to happen.
4. And also happy he was there for the ultrasound.
5. The girls did way better than I expected with me on two of my doctor visits this week. Sooooo thrilled because I haven't got the strength for kid battles.
6. I'm forcing myself to admit there is a glimmer of hope. That this pregnancy will end.
7. Caught up with my sister.
8. Lots of birthday phone calls.
9. Happy Sumo never tasted so good. I want it.
10. Just signed up for their VIP list again. Bring it "2 for Tuesdays", baby.
11. I was genuinely moved by a conversation I had with the pediatrician about L. Really changed my perspective. And my Dr. crush has been cemented.
12. M continues to charm us. Seriously, she is delightful.
13. Jeff surprised us all with Valentine corsages. Oh my, you should see the tiny little wristlets the girls get to wear to church tomorrow. (Insert a really girly squeal) I cried when he brought them home. Had no idea.

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