February 25, 2012

The good report

Woah. Life is a doozy. I'm not even sure what to say. I'm home. And alive. And lots and lots of people are helping us. Maybe I'll post more about all this later. But I doubt it.
My emotions are raw.
And some things are just private, you know.

1. I got myself some neon. Because I never wore enough in the 80s.
2. I do believe color plays an important role in my life. It affects me deeply.
3. I wore my red skinny jeans home from the hospital and it made me so very happy. I felt normal. But they were hanging way too loose. A sign of the previous week's events.
3. Nightly meals from ward members.
4. There are some seriously good cooks in our midst. Now, I will be stalking a few until they give up their recipes.
5. It seems repetitive to keep mentioning my VT, but really I could go on and on. I'm embarrassed to reveal all they have done. They've been there.
6. I've decided to go gluten free. I feel utterly unafraid about this lifestyle change.
7. And I'm overjoyed by family & ward member (those nightly meals are gluten free) support.
8. Grateful, grateful, grateful.
9. It's a horrible and beautiful time at our house. Make sense?

I don't know what my deal is, but Im desperate for the superficial right now. Like sewing projects and searching for pink skinny jeans. But it will all have to wait.


  1. superficial is a good distraction from reality...

  2. So glad to hear you are doing a little bit better. I support you, and know that the situation that went down last weeks BLOWS! So good to hear that your ward is supporting you guys so well! Oh and about those pink skinnies...they have some hot pink ones at Charlotte Russe!! And not to expensive :) Love you!


  3. woah! hope you're ok! sending love and prayers your way. p.s. use almond flour a good substitute for flour. i'll round up some ideas from my gluten-free roommates and will send them your way.

    love your guts! wish i was closer!