February 11, 2012

How to survive the first (miserable) 16 weeks

Ok, this is how I personally survived.
(I'm convinced every woman has a unique experience.)

1. Accept help from your VTs.
2. Accept help from your sister.
3. Accept help from anyone who will offer.
4. Don't feel bad about it.
5. Be totally real with your VTs
6. Zofran.
7. 9 P.M. Bedtime.
8. Extremely minty gum.
9. Super salty snacks.
10. Cry buckets of tears. I know some avoid crying, but I find it sort of cleansing. Emotionally and physically.
11. Lower your expectations on life.

What got you through.....
Do tell.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh... I'm so sorry you're so miserable. Last week Wendi and I were laughing because she puked one day and said, "Gosh, I should be grateful because it's been a whole week since I barfed"... as if it's normal to barf nearly every day.
    Pregnancy sucks. Sure, it's a miracle, and I love my kids. But pregnancy sucks, ha ha.

    How did I survive? Lots of fast food (blech), lots of cartoons and Barney, a REALLY messy house, and a great husband. Lowered expectations for sure.