February 04, 2012

The report (good and bad).

I clicked on the new "simple uploader" button on blogger and now my blog is all kinds of crazy. It's killing me. Lost all my posts in progress. Some never intended to be public, but personal entries. And some good stuff to be published. Seriously annoyed with blogger. What a mess. And when I type a new post to edit or revisit old posts everything is gone. ????? Help.


1. I'm not even going to tell you how many times I've eaten at our Mexican place since discovering it.
2. I can't even think of all the good things from this week since I lost the list. But they happened.
3. Some pre birthday presents ordered so they would be here on time. Oooo, yes!
4. Forever 21 rocked my world with some red skinny jeans (birthday outfit). Still prowling for pink.
5. A return to normal hours for Jeff. Finally.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for your comment leslie. i always love following along with your good reports and sewing - i'm especially impressed with all of your modern quilts these days. ive never made a quilt, or even had the desire, but yours tempt me.