February 27, 2012

Still can't deny the good

Woah. More coming my way. My body is flipping out. 4 migraines in 4 days. I feel fragile and scared. And am super worried about some unknowns. But there is always a glimmer. For real.

1. My OB visit today. He calms me down. And spends time...and delivers sound medical and emotional advice in a way that feels totally caring. I've got Another Dr. crush because he's the best.
2. I got out of jury duty. Can you imagine? It was sending me into full on panic. And they were a lot nicer than I expected about it.
3. Another week of (gluten free) dinners from the ward. Grateful, because I'm not normal. Yet.
4. A spontaneous lunch stop after that dr visit to feed my ravenous pregnant belly where a gluten free menu was front and center. Stop it. I didn't even have to ask or wonder or decide for myself. Yay!
5. And I felt so much better after my doctor appointment that Jeff chauffeured me over to Forever 21. Bought $15 skinny jeans in baby blue(the only color in my size, but surprisingly adorable). Love them! Total time in store = 5 minutes.
6. Jeff has been running the show and taking care of all of us. Utterly impressed, grateful, and in love.
7. The girls are going to bed without drama. I prayed hard for that gift.
8. And they are loving all the new friends they are making. They think VT are coming every day.
9. Jeff packing the house with some Costco goodies. Yum.
10. Jeff making sure the taxes get done. Yep, taking care of it all.
11. And our return is NIIIIICE.

Up tomorrow, an appointment with the doctor I want to punch in the face (NOT my OB). Wish me luck.

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  1. So sorry you have to deal with all this. I really hope things calm down for you. We're thinking of you and praying for you too!