February 11, 2012

We are family

Looks like it will be a massive girl party at our house because baby #3 is another girl. A boy would have been a nice little switch up, but no biggie. Healthy babies are what I have hoped for every time. And we won't have to buy much. Maybe a few fresh, clean, bright white onesies. And we've always agreed on several girl names. It's the boy ones that stumped us all along. So that will be a breeze.

When Jeff and I were dating I remember thinking he would be a great dad to girls. Then he told me later last night even as a little boy he always thought he would have daughters. Sweet.

So now, I've got sewing on the brain. I already started putting together a quilt using a city weekend charm pack. I love me some Oliver + S. It's for baby girl. (I would have added it to L and M's blanket collection if we were having a boy.) It's bright and cheerful. Just what I like.

I've also got house rearranging on the brain. Like where are we going to put everyone? This probably calls for bunk beds and some purging. Hopefully we can get to all that BEFORE baby arrives and when I'm feeling better.


  1. I know you told me already, but I am so excited for you! You and Jeff are great parents to girls. It takes skilled people to handle all the emotions! :) One question...how is baby #3 going to fit with everyone else in the Sizzle? Love you!!

  2. Nope, but we bought a mini van over thanksgiving weekend so we have plenty of space now.

  3. Congratulations! I personally love families with all the same gender of kids. It's a great dynamic.

  4. Trev is convinced we need to have another boy so she will have someone to marry!!!

  5. Congrats on another girl! It will make a happy threesome.

  6. Congrats! A house full of girls is so fun!