March 30, 2012

The good report

1. Picked up some RIT dye to make us one of these tablecloths. For our Easter table. I might be going all out to make up for that horrible December. Ooo, Easter is going to be pretty.
2. My VT blow my mind. Had the most beautiful conversation with them this morning. They are so valuable to me. Super grateful.
3. I am feeling like I'm getting back to myself That feels good.
4. The windows are open all the time in our house. This (the breeze) is the best.
5. A stranger stopped me at Costco to tell me how great I looked in my red skinnies. What?! Thank you.
6. I'm feeling some serious love for produce and summer food. I can't get enough.
7. Cleaned off the top off the fridge and junk drawer. And the part of the kitchen counter that collects all the papers. So much to do, but happy to check a few things off. I want simplicity in my surroundings.
8. An amazing and beautiful relief society lesson on Sunday. Really. My favorite subject: Christ.

March 26, 2012

Running on empty

Last night, I was serenaded by the sounds of violent pukes. This time is was L. Worse than M's. All. Night. Long. Eeeeeeeee. Its so yucky. I got two hours of sleep. I'm exhausted, irritated, in the midst of a giant pity party for myself. And here I am, wide awake at 10 PM. Nice. Can't explain that one. I did good until bedtime tonight. I poured on the nurture and took care of these tiny people. Even when violence continued all day today. From the other end. (Yowza I need air). But M's flip out was the highlight of day's end. She's been paci free for a couple weeks, but I haven't figured out a new, calm ritual that works for her. She refuses books, singing. And by refusing I mean kicking, punch you in the face, scream her head off tantrum. I can't deal.

March 24, 2012

Saturday is a special day...

I do believe I told my sister yesterday, "I'm ready to go back home and be a mom". And I do believe I'm in deep today.
M's total puke count = I lost count after five or six.
M's total poop count = I lost count after eight or nine.
Number of her naps today as of 5:45 = two.
Number Of times I've washed my hands = forty. Easily.
Number of times I wanted to burst into tears = a lot.
Wow. The horror.
Please, please, please let it pass by the rest of us.

Side note: I haven't stopped thinking about this post since I read it.


Some faves....
Seeing the Hoover Dam for the first time.
Not getting our stuff (wallets, vacation cash, birth certificates, etc) stolen when the trunk somehow opened during our Hoover dam stop. ????? Unbelievable. Thank you, honest peeps.
The Mad Greek. One of the stops Jeff and friends make on their annual motorcycle trip. Best food the whole trip. Super Yum.
Seeing Ang.
The mild weather (we don't like to sweat to death)
Ocean sunsets
People watching
Uninterrupted convos with Jeff.
Not ever worrying about finding something to eat.
Golf cart driving around Catalina Island.
Dolphins, sea lions.

Best purchase....
$12 leather sandals for M.

Disappointed by....
The food on the ship. Mediocre. Bordering on gross.
Too little time in Mexico. Tour was way too short.

Total surprise....
How much I loved bargaining at the open air market in Mexico. I could have stayed there all day.

Could have done without....
College spring breakers. So annoying.
That one migraine.

Such a bummer...
Way too cold to swim.
Didn't take enough photos, didn't feel inspired, or the light was gross, or super let down that I didn't have the time to photograph in Mexico (most looking forward to that).
Or the lame photos I did take and lack of photos is just a reflection of where I am in life right now.

Someone explain...
Why cruise decor is so cheeserific. Ew.

Some goodies before we left

1. Paid off the sizzle (our car). Thanks, tax return.
2. Got myself a cut and color. Wow. Its been a while.
3. Found out our favorites are planning a summer visit.
4. Found my favorite film locally. I was all out for the trip.
5. And the 10% discount they gave me.
6. The latest ultrasound revealed a healthy, normal, developing baby. Though I still won't totally relax until she is born.
7. A bit ago I was looking at photos in my blog archives and I was like, "these are awesome". I suppose time lets me see them for what they are as opposed to what they could have been or what I wanted them to be.

March 16, 2012

The good report

Things are falling into place for our trip. DL renewal, peeps to watch the girls.

I hit the mother load at Forever 21. The perfect PINK skinny jean was in stock. And white too! I bought both.

I've always gotten good service there (and friendly too) although it's super obvious I'm a decade+ older than the employees and other shoppers. They could easily snub me.

The girls blew my mind on our way too long errands. Hooray! Of course, I channeled my inner Jeff too. It always makes a difference.

It was all followed by a migraine. Again. But the good news is Sis W (my VT) rescued me by taking the girls so I could sleep it off.

L threw a massive tantrum when Jeff picked them up from her house. Not cool. But Im so happy she loves them. I love my VT too. Truly. I've learned a lot from them.

I have high hopes my migraines will stop after I'm off a certain medication.

Busting open the windows every morning and all day long. One of my favorite things ever. It makes me so happy.

A spontaneous and adventurous husband is good for my scared-ee self. Opposites need each other, don't you think?

Jeff sprained his ankle this week, but luckily nothing too serious.

Received a couple really nice emails this week. For no reason. That verbal affirmation (love language) gets me every time.

I'm starting to show. And I've reached the halfway point which relieves me and makes me feel better.

Wrote some of my questions (matters of the heart) in preparation for General Conference in a couple weeks. I need. And I always receive.

Hoping to see an old friend, even if it's briefly, on Sunday.

March 13, 2012

The good report

1. A friend watched the girls after a morning migraine and so I could go to a can't miss doctor appointment.
2. Doctor without kids makes it very easy to talk about all the stuff that is really important.
3. Said doctor is still surprising me with his attentiveness.
4. And gave me some good news. I can completely stop taking one of my medications. !!!!!!!!
5. Friend didn't just watch the girls, but took them to the park and museum.
6. M fell asleep on the floor at 6:30 PM thus relieving me of one bedtime routine.
7. I made an omelet. A first time for that technique. Ham, cheese, and spinach. Yum.
8. $1.50 sunglasses from Forever 21. I forgot I needed those too. Camel color.

March 12, 2012

The good report

1. L is running free outside with the neighbors.
2. It's so warm, she's wearing shorts.
3. I love to see her so happy. It's been a while since she got to run free (courtesy of pregnancy #3).
4. A new black and white stripe tankini for our cruise.
5. And that is the only thing I needed to buy. Hip, hip, hooray. How I ended up with enough summer shirts for a 21 week body, I'll never know. But Yay!
6. Every top in my pre packed bag is striped. Big ones, little ones, diagonal ones. A bit of an obsession? Totally.
7. Getting last minute paperwork in on time. Relief! (cruise requires doctor permission and approval that you are less than 25 weeks).
8. Super impressed with follow up done by operator I spoke to this morning.
9. Listening to the girls talk to each other in their room this morning instead of racing to our bed.
10. A quiet house while I read my new Country Living. M is napping and L is at a neighbors.

March 11, 2012

The good report

1. The weather I've been waiting for. Yesssssss!
2. M has fallen asleep without paci two nights in a row. We might just be on our way. Please....
3. Jeff cleaned and organized garage. Can even park the van in there now.
4. More socializing with neighbors. Its the warm weather. Everyone starts hanging out.
5. Thought we were going to have to pay about $300 for some dental work Jeffy had done. Turns out to be $0 when we got are statement this week. Thank you, killer insurance.

March 10, 2012

For myself

The good report...Well, I still need to list the lovely things. Super important during this phase of our life. Because tons of things suck real bad.

1. I've been cooking lots again for our little fam. It's so satisfying to me.
2. Took the girls to see The Lorax. I was prepared for chaos, but M surprised me by sitting on Jeff's lap the entire time. Can't believe she wasn't running up and down the aisles. So relieved.
3. Movie was followed by the park on a beautiful day.
4. We need the family time.
5. Also, saw a neighbor there and chatted for a while. That was super nice. SHE is super nice. I need to socialize way more.

Blog goes black on Monday.

March 09, 2012

Liberation Day (A new phase)

This post made me envious. The thought of doing the same had me feeling really excited. I want liberation from noise and nonsense. So I'm going for it (liberation). Turning off my blog. I don't want anyone to know what I feel, where I'm going, what I like, what I've made, or eaten. I want to be private and anonymous. Unknown...except for real family and friends.

Allowing strangers to view my life is so weird, uncomfortable these days. Ew.

I'm not sure what switched. Cumulative moments I guess.

I choose real life and the magic moments we'll keep all to ourselves.

This magic moment



Thank you, Annie.

March 06, 2012

The easiest ribs you'll ever make

The name is legit. These are the easiest. Fix it. Forget it. Love it. I wouldn't say they are as tender as the best I've ever had (at a now defunct restaurant) but that may be an unattainable standard for a home cook. Don't really know. And admittedly, cooking meats (particularly beef and pork) and achieving desirable results is a skill that continues to allude me. I'd like to learn that one. Anyhoo, this all sounds like we didn't like them. Not so. I loved them. And you know Jeff was on board. Not fork tender or falling off the bone like the "best of", but tender. No rubberbands in sight. And the seasonings makes this nice little crust. Yummy. That was my favorite part. We will be making again. I can see these being a major crowd pleaser.

We found our pork ribs at Costco.
Recipe HERE

Pasta salad with a Thai twist

This one was from a ward member when we were getting meals and I was obsessed with getting the recipe from her. Luckily, she dropped off a copy. It's SOOOOOO GOOD. We devoured it. (FYI She used rice noodles and GREEN curry paste). And also served it with a chicken breast/rice and soy sauce. Pure perfection. P.S La Choy makes gluten free soy. Oh baby!

Recipe HERE

March 05, 2012

Come and dine with me...

I mentioned we were trying some new recipes this week. I've been scouring the internet for some goodies. I'm hungry. Feed me!!!

Here's the first winner....

Chunky avocado and feta dip originally seen on pinterest.
This was perfect timing for some avocados I got from Sunflower Market (cheap too). Oh man, and I love me some feta. I omitted the garlic only because I wasn't feeling it that day. Usually, I am totally down with the stuff. And I also chopped everything into a small dice the second time around (I've made it three times already) because I don't like a massive hunk of tomato. Just personal preference.

Just make it. You'll probably eat the whole thing by yourself.

March 04, 2012

The good report

1. Eggs from my sisters chickens.
2. Rearranged the girls room. Took out the beast (red chair). The room looks huge now and I'm loving the new setup.
3. A house stocked full of groceries. I'm starving.
4. Feeling better is better.
5. Sunshine rocks my world. Gimmee gimmee.
6. Pinterest recipes. I'll let you know if any are awesome.

March 02, 2012

Creeping close to normal

The week is ending much better than it started. I feel good enough that I can actually take care of the girls and meet their needs. I'm so happy about that. We've come a long way. There's been so many sweet moments/times this week. It makes me say to myself, "I think we'll make it after all."

But the end of the day is horrible. I'm grouchee. And I don't like anyone.
I'm really restless and bored. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous. I plan on putting on makeup and wearing bright colors and leaving the house with my peeps. Even if it's just to scavenge for food.
I've fallen hard for Sunflower Market.
I'm desperately hungry most of the time. Which means my appetite is back.
I dreamt about Asian noodles last night.
I'm a bit of an eater in real life. Pregnancy is even worse/better.
Seriously, I'm hungry.
I can't keep enough produce in the house.
I folded some laundry. See, a return to normal. It never felt so good.
Remember the doctor I wanted to punch in the face? I'm convinced my OB had a little chitty chat with him. He was a changed man this week. I'm thrilled.
My VTs don't just take the girls.....they build snowmen with them outside and then stuff them full of nutella pancakes.
My sister made the girls swimsuits. Wow. You should see M in her pink ruffles. So chic.
I have a baby bump again. Thrilled.
Some maternity tops I ordered arrived in the mail. Summer cuteness. Can't really wear much from the other two since they were born in winter.

Here's to food. I need some.