March 05, 2012

Come and dine with me...

I mentioned we were trying some new recipes this week. I've been scouring the internet for some goodies. I'm hungry. Feed me!!!

Here's the first winner....

Chunky avocado and feta dip originally seen on pinterest.
This was perfect timing for some avocados I got from Sunflower Market (cheap too). Oh man, and I love me some feta. I omitted the garlic only because I wasn't feeling it that day. Usually, I am totally down with the stuff. And I also chopped everything into a small dice the second time around (I've made it three times already) because I don't like a massive hunk of tomato. Just personal preference.

Just make it. You'll probably eat the whole thing by yourself.

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  1. Hi Leslie! I am having trouble viewing all your gorgeous images...any idea why?