March 02, 2012

Creeping close to normal

The week is ending much better than it started. I feel good enough that I can actually take care of the girls and meet their needs. I'm so happy about that. We've come a long way. There's been so many sweet moments/times this week. It makes me say to myself, "I think we'll make it after all."

But the end of the day is horrible. I'm grouchee. And I don't like anyone.
I'm really restless and bored. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous. I plan on putting on makeup and wearing bright colors and leaving the house with my peeps. Even if it's just to scavenge for food.
I've fallen hard for Sunflower Market.
I'm desperately hungry most of the time. Which means my appetite is back.
I dreamt about Asian noodles last night.
I'm a bit of an eater in real life. Pregnancy is even worse/better.
Seriously, I'm hungry.
I can't keep enough produce in the house.
I folded some laundry. See, a return to normal. It never felt so good.
Remember the doctor I wanted to punch in the face? I'm convinced my OB had a little chitty chat with him. He was a changed man this week. I'm thrilled.
My VTs don't just take the girls.....they build snowmen with them outside and then stuff them full of nutella pancakes.
My sister made the girls swimsuits. Wow. You should see M in her pink ruffles. So chic.
I have a baby bump again. Thrilled.
Some maternity tops I ordered arrived in the mail. Summer cuteness. Can't really wear much from the other two since they were born in winter.

Here's to food. I need some.

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