March 24, 2012


Some faves....
Seeing the Hoover Dam for the first time.
Not getting our stuff (wallets, vacation cash, birth certificates, etc) stolen when the trunk somehow opened during our Hoover dam stop. ????? Unbelievable. Thank you, honest peeps.
The Mad Greek. One of the stops Jeff and friends make on their annual motorcycle trip. Best food the whole trip. Super Yum.
Seeing Ang.
The mild weather (we don't like to sweat to death)
Ocean sunsets
People watching
Uninterrupted convos with Jeff.
Not ever worrying about finding something to eat.
Golf cart driving around Catalina Island.
Dolphins, sea lions.

Best purchase....
$12 leather sandals for M.

Disappointed by....
The food on the ship. Mediocre. Bordering on gross.
Too little time in Mexico. Tour was way too short.

Total surprise....
How much I loved bargaining at the open air market in Mexico. I could have stayed there all day.

Could have done without....
College spring breakers. So annoying.
That one migraine.

Such a bummer...
Way too cold to swim.
Didn't take enough photos, didn't feel inspired, or the light was gross, or super let down that I didn't have the time to photograph in Mexico (most looking forward to that).
Or the lame photos I did take and lack of photos is just a reflection of where I am in life right now.

Someone explain...
Why cruise decor is so cheeserific. Ew.