March 06, 2012

The easiest ribs you'll ever make

The name is legit. These are the easiest. Fix it. Forget it. Love it. I wouldn't say they are as tender as the best I've ever had (at a now defunct restaurant) but that may be an unattainable standard for a home cook. Don't really know. And admittedly, cooking meats (particularly beef and pork) and achieving desirable results is a skill that continues to allude me. I'd like to learn that one. Anyhoo, this all sounds like we didn't like them. Not so. I loved them. And you know Jeff was on board. Not fork tender or falling off the bone like the "best of", but tender. No rubberbands in sight. And the seasonings makes this nice little crust. Yummy. That was my favorite part. We will be making again. I can see these being a major crowd pleaser.

We found our pork ribs at Costco.
Recipe HERE

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