March 12, 2012

The good report

1. L is running free outside with the neighbors.
2. It's so warm, she's wearing shorts.
3. I love to see her so happy. It's been a while since she got to run free (courtesy of pregnancy #3).
4. A new black and white stripe tankini for our cruise.
5. And that is the only thing I needed to buy. Hip, hip, hooray. How I ended up with enough summer shirts for a 21 week body, I'll never know. But Yay!
6. Every top in my pre packed bag is striped. Big ones, little ones, diagonal ones. A bit of an obsession? Totally.
7. Getting last minute paperwork in on time. Relief! (cruise requires doctor permission and approval that you are less than 25 weeks).
8. Super impressed with follow up done by operator I spoke to this morning.
9. Listening to the girls talk to each other in their room this morning instead of racing to our bed.
10. A quiet house while I read my new Country Living. M is napping and L is at a neighbors.