March 16, 2012

The good report

Things are falling into place for our trip. DL renewal, peeps to watch the girls.

I hit the mother load at Forever 21. The perfect PINK skinny jean was in stock. And white too! I bought both.

I've always gotten good service there (and friendly too) although it's super obvious I'm a decade+ older than the employees and other shoppers. They could easily snub me.

The girls blew my mind on our way too long errands. Hooray! Of course, I channeled my inner Jeff too. It always makes a difference.

It was all followed by a migraine. Again. But the good news is Sis W (my VT) rescued me by taking the girls so I could sleep it off.

L threw a massive tantrum when Jeff picked them up from her house. Not cool. But Im so happy she loves them. I love my VT too. Truly. I've learned a lot from them.

I have high hopes my migraines will stop after I'm off a certain medication.

Busting open the windows every morning and all day long. One of my favorite things ever. It makes me so happy.

A spontaneous and adventurous husband is good for my scared-ee self. Opposites need each other, don't you think?

Jeff sprained his ankle this week, but luckily nothing too serious.

Received a couple really nice emails this week. For no reason. That verbal affirmation (love language) gets me every time.

I'm starting to show. And I've reached the halfway point which relieves me and makes me feel better.

Wrote some of my questions (matters of the heart) in preparation for General Conference in a couple weeks. I need. And I always receive.

Hoping to see an old friend, even if it's briefly, on Sunday.