March 30, 2012

The good report

1. Picked up some RIT dye to make us one of these tablecloths. For our Easter table. I might be going all out to make up for that horrible December. Ooo, Easter is going to be pretty.
2. My VT blow my mind. Had the most beautiful conversation with them this morning. They are so valuable to me. Super grateful.
3. I am feeling like I'm getting back to myself That feels good.
4. The windows are open all the time in our house. This (the breeze) is the best.
5. A stranger stopped me at Costco to tell me how great I looked in my red skinnies. What?! Thank you.
6. I'm feeling some serious love for produce and summer food. I can't get enough.
7. Cleaned off the top off the fridge and junk drawer. And the part of the kitchen counter that collects all the papers. So much to do, but happy to check a few things off. I want simplicity in my surroundings.
8. An amazing and beautiful relief society lesson on Sunday. Really. My favorite subject: Christ.