March 26, 2012

Running on empty

Last night, I was serenaded by the sounds of violent pukes. This time is was L. Worse than M's. All. Night. Long. Eeeeeeeee. Its so yucky. I got two hours of sleep. I'm exhausted, irritated, in the midst of a giant pity party for myself. And here I am, wide awake at 10 PM. Nice. Can't explain that one. I did good until bedtime tonight. I poured on the nurture and took care of these tiny people. Even when violence continued all day today. From the other end. (Yowza I need air). But M's flip out was the highlight of day's end. She's been paci free for a couple weeks, but I haven't figured out a new, calm ritual that works for her. She refuses books, singing. And by refusing I mean kicking, punch you in the face, scream her head off tantrum. I can't deal.