April 28, 2012

The good report

1. We all napped (3 hours) the Monday afternoon following in-law visit. Little girls and pregnant ladies should not stay up until midnight.
2. ooo, we've had some warmmmmmmmm!
3. The girls' new swimsuits arrived. L thinks she is hot stuff getting a two piece and I think I'm hot stuff encouraging modesty. They are even cuter in person.
4. There is going to be a wedding (nephew). Yay! A week after baby is due. Booooooooo.
5. Got our carpets cleaned for the first time ever. I couldn't stomach the thought of having a newborn baby crawl around.
6. And Zerorez even got the sharpie, oil stains, nail polish right out.
7. Tons of outside time in the neighborhood. This is prime time for us (not so hot I want to kill myself).
8. Another f8 meet up
9. L and cousin got along great for an entire day. So happy because their relationship can be rocky.
10. A great day at the zoo. No significant tantrums and gorgeous weather.
11. I left the camera in the car. On purpose.
12. The sewing room is still clean. Must. finish. projects.
13. Jeffy putting both girls to bed one night. Thank you! We usually take one each.
14. My copy of conference Ensign just arrived. For some reason I haven't been able to get into watching or reading online. Something about the paper copy for me, I guess.

This beauty.
Mother's Day gift to myself???? Is that legal? I'll wear it every Sunday for the rest of my life the summer. P.S. It was cheaper a few days ago. And much cheaper than the JCrew version I've been drooling over for years.

I'm itchin' for a fire (in the fire pit. not arson) and some neighbor socializing. Who's in?


Why haven't I bought this or this yet?

I think L would flip over these red boots. Who am I kidding? Me too! Seriously considering it for Aunt G's backyard bash.

OK, locals, do tell.....because this is the first I have ever heard of the hot pots. Must go.

April 26, 2012

All about L

A bit on the clumsy side (notice all the bruises on her legs. makes this photo even more awesome.) She often trips over absolutely nothing.
Loves all things art related.
Sings all day. Puts her conversations to song.
Everyone is her friend. Gets very attached to the neighbor kids.
Says hi to everyone (strangers) at the store.
Playing outside.
Really good at puzzles.
Cries easily.
Adventurous eater. (my favorite quality).
Remembers everything
Has helped us find plenty of things we are "missing". She always knows where they are.
An avid collector of anything.
Loves her bed and blankets and snuggling.
Likes picking flowers.
Changes clothes multiple times a day.
Prefers skirts and dresses when not wearing leggings (won't have much to do with jeans).
Wants to wear makeup.
Really likes to have treats.
Is starting to like having her picture taken (at least, I think so).
Gets a little nervous in new places, situations.
Likes having her hair done.
And staring at herself in the mirror. Or singing in the mirror. or dancing in front of the mirror.
She's also really loud.
And doesn't like to wear socks.

white shirt, Crewcuts, from a while ago
skirt, Target, $5

April 24, 2012

I heart Jessica

Black V-neck, Old Navy Maternity, $8
necklace from who-knows-where a really long time ago
White skinnies, Forever 21, $15
Flats, Steve Madden @ TJ Maxx, $12

This is me at 26 weeks.

Props to Jessica for capturing some non-weirdo expressions.

April 23, 2012

Oh stop

This was the only photo I requested on Saturday's shoot. And she nailed it. I want a large print hanging on our wall. And that M....she really is a jumper. Every single day on our own couch.

I'll post more as they come my way. I want to see more, more, more.

I wish you could see her studio. It's just so pretty. I want to move in and stare at the light all day.

April 22, 2012

The Good Report

1. Being forced to deal with all the stuff I said I would deal with later because company is coming.
2. Friends of M.S. picking up your crap for you.
3. I really love a clean space.
4. Might be able to take on a sewing project now.
5. Learning lots from Jeff. Trying to be more like him in parenting. (sometimes I think he should stay home).
6. My frustrations (house repairs, cleanups, parenting) are equal to the good stuff (some house things are getting done, and this was a good week between the girls and I).
7. I didn't have a single dr. appointment this week. Yay!
8. Checking off part of the annoying list. Call this person, make this appointment, cancel that one, check in with her, pay a bill. Now, I have less annoying stuff to do. I swear I'm still catching up from being so sick. Life takes maintenance you know?
9. September = Costco arrives in town. Wooo!
10. Got myself some maternity photos. And some of the girls too (most excited about those).
11. Jeffy is having the time of of his life with his brother-in-law and nephews. Dudes need dude time, don't you think? They chose Moab.
12. This article is doing the most for me right now. I need.
13. Sitting outside typing my good report while the girls play with the neighbor kids. I heart the laptop.
14. Ever since Boston, I've wanted to recreate one of the most beautiful salads I've ever eaten. Now, I know the technique.

April 15, 2012

The everyday

L likes her things just so. She also really likes her bed. She likes to make her bed every day and line her things up all around. Papers, stuffed animals, clothing items.

Next time, I'll photograph that hoarder's delight.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

P.S. Doesn't she look so proud in this photo?

Easter 2012

The girls had matching dresses, but weren't down for a joint photo. No biggie. Took some of M on another camera and will post later. One of the great things about L is she loves to have her hair done and will sit forever while I curl it. I love it.

Dress from Old Navy (no longer available). I fell for the artistic, painterly fabric. Looked like brush strokes to me, anyway. Love!
Cardy from Old Navy a long time ago.
Hair clip from Target a long time ago. (made and appearance here too)

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400

P.S. Still getting used to color correction on new computer. I don't do a ton of editing, but my lab gives wackadoo color scans sometimes. MAC definitely takes it for image quality. No doubt. This pc is not sharp for viewing photographs and the monitor is super cool (as in color tendency, not awesomeness). Takes some getting used to, so if my minor edits seem to be all over the map....well, they pretty much are.

Here's to imperfection. I embrace it fully these days.

The good report

Got some irritating health news this week. Frustrated and tired. Lots of "we can't be sure exactly".
Uh yeah, I know. Super bummed by NEW side effect of my meds. ugh.

1. It's been four months since I've seen these guys. So happy to reunite this week. And we have a new member. So many life changes for everyone. It's exciting.
2. Migraine free for 25 days. I can definitely be thrilled about that.
3. Started three medications in the hospital. Now, I'm down to only 0NE. Thrilled about that too. (hoping to stay that way)
4 Getting a Sunday nap while Jeff takes the girls for a walk.
5. Late night chat with Alisha.
6. Some extremely sweet family time. Needed it.
7. Jeff making me laugh so hard I cry. It's been way too long.
8. Skype rules!
9. I'm 26 weeks.
10. Maternity photos coming up this Saturday. What am I going to wear?

I like to mix it up for Jeff's morning breakfast. So we (Jeffy helped make them. I love when he gets in the kitchen with me) tried these eggs in a basket. The potatoes took way longer to cook than recommended. Amost a full hour. And my eggs leaked through the potato so they didn't look like hers. I'm not sure it's possble to get the hashbrowns so condensed that they don't leak. But I thought they tasted great. It's all the breakfast faves in one big "muffin". I used bacon and sausage instead of procuitto because that's what I had.

April 14, 2012

Little things

Switched up the chandelier in the girls' room. Some of the lanterns had collapsed from the weight of each other and were not salvageable. So I replaced with these eyelet ones. I like the addition of the eyelet even better. They will not collapse since they have wire frames throughout. I'd love to make even more changes in prep for baby #3, but I haven't got the energy. Maybe during her first year instead. There are a handful of other things I would alter in that room.

April 12, 2012

Valentine Weekend

Their ruffle shirts were $2.80 from Target. Oh yeah! And their corsages are from Jeff. I shed a tear. It was so sweet. The next day, all heck broke loose and I spent a week in the hospital.

Mamiya RZ, Kodak Portra 400
Dusted off the RZ and got myself a 220 back. I'll be using this camera a lot.

Will I ever?

I liked this colorful wall a lot. I saw so many spots on our trip that I thought would make such a cool location for a portrait, and the people watching was some of the finest, but I had/have nothing in me. And unfortunately, Jeffy and I are NOT photogenic. We usually end up having some weirdo face. Bummer.

Apathy has set in peeps. Makes me wonder if I'll ever feel inspired or creative again.

Of course, I will. But I hate when I feel like this. It's made for a loooooong few months.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

ship snippets

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

April 11, 2012

Silver and Light

inspiring the uninspired (ME).....

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter on Vimeo.

Carolee recommended this one tonight.
I could say a lot or you could just watch it.

window view

April 10, 2012

It was good

Today we tried tornadoes in a jar. I thought it was cooler than the girls did. It might be more interesting to older kids. But it's about as easy as it gets. And we also made some homemade playdough. I really like this recipe. So soft. I started to get a little nervous because some other recipes I've tried are almost insant play dough, but this took a little more time. Maybe that's why it's so much softer(way better). It's my new go-to for homemade playdough. Then we played outside until dinner time. Swimsuits and everything. Our neighbors directly across from us are known as "grandma and grandpa". That's what all the kids call them and they are so nice. Yesterday we discovered some oranges in our garage. Straight from AZ. Courtesy of "grandma and grandpa". I loooove that she drops off produce. It wasn't the first time she's given us oranges. Last year, she gave us some of the best potatoes I've ever eaten. Potatoes! Who knew they could have such good flavor. Anyhoo, they also pass out candy to L and M. It reminds me of my very own "grandma and grandpa" that lived on our street in Kansas. I always knocked on their door to get candy too. Wish I could remember their real names. (Siblings, please help). Anyhoo, grandma and grandpa were outside starting to plant their garden and were teaching L and M and some other kids about strawberries and promised to let them pick/eat when they are ripe. And she will too. I followed up during dinner with the "we never pick from other people's garden's unless they invite us to" lecture. And also "we don't pick green strawberries" lecture because I could already see where it was headed. L racing to the side of their house every time we go outside, checking for strawberries and plucking the tiniest greenest fruit visible to the eye. In summary, it was lovely. I so appreciate when people are nice to my kids. Not that people aren't nice, but you know what I mean? I just melt.

Catalina Island

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

April 09, 2012

Baby bump

I was 22 weeks....

It's bigger now.
And our little vacay seems like a lifetime ago.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400
It's not easy directing the hubs to take a pic.


I'll admit the ocean terrifies, mostly. You know there is some freaky stuff lurking in the deep. I suppose it has a lot to do with my midwest upbringing (landlocked). But there is something so soothing about the sound of water.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

Ocean sunset: Day 1

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400
P.S. All the images from our trip survived three rounds of xrays (security). Carnival is retarded. At least their security staff is. (Uneducated peeps). They should take some cues from Airports who don't even blink an eye about hand checking film.


Hoover Dam

Let's just say I felt a little off during our trip. My photographs, well, they aren't doing much for me. Aw, well. I'm a little off in life as well so it's not surprising. It's all related.

Mamiya C220, Kodak Portra 400

Trying to get the hang of this new computer....

April 08, 2012

The good report

1. Jeffy bought me a new computer. Hello, laptop, and writing this in bed. (P.S. I'm officially over purchasing used MACs due to their lack of support when problems arise. And they always do. Boo on you, Apple. I hate you. And new MACs $$$$.....are you kidding me?).
2. Can't wait to blog some trip photos over the next couple of days.
3. Not having to go through bedtime routine because L and M fell asleep in the car on the way home from Em's. That is priceless.
4. Oh, and I'm also looking forward to skyping with family.
5. M did not cry when I left her in nursery today. Yes! This is the first time she has been in there without us (since it was our calling). So very happy.
6. I heart Relief Society. Nothing deeply moving today, but just need to be there.
7. Date night with Jeff. We saw Hunger Games. I thought it was deeply disturbing. But I'm movie sensitive. And pregnant which means even more sensitive. But our catching up, feeliing-like-I-haven't-talked-to-you-in-a-while-convo was good.

April 06, 2012

Here's the report

The seasons change and all I want to do is purge, rearrange, add a little something here and there, hang something on the walls. I still think we need more photographs hanging. I'll work on that. I think one of the best things about blogs is they teach you what matters to you (by seeing what doesn't matter to you). The deep things in life and the superficial...like your taste in decor. Or maybe I'm just getting older and happen to know what I like.

I know I want less stuff. That I want to whittle down to my very favorite items. I want less stuff to put away and clean up. I know I can't stand overly styled, magaziney, decorator homes. Too impersonal. Too match, matchy.

I know you should like exactly what you like.

And I know I ate too many peppermint patties today.

1. Ran into Carolee at the mall. So excited for group meeting next week.
2. Soup that simmers all day. Dinner was ready at lunch time, but who cares! Just keep simmering.
3. A Lazy day after completely overdoing it.
4. I'm feeling great, but have to remember I can't do as much while pregnant. I pay the price.
5. Kind of know what I need to do to feel happier.
6. I hope there are results.

April 04, 2012

Homemade granola bars

Um, you should make these. I don't even like store bought granola bars (too dry) so that is saying a lot.

Recipe HERE

They are so quick. So simple. And you could easily customize ingredients. Add nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter. I plan on trying a little of that next time. But the basic recipe is just so good too. The best part is that boiling the butter, brown sugar, and honey makes it caramely goodness. Oh wow. Who knew? So much better than Quaker (bleh!). It's a very small batch. I only got 8 small bars. But that's actually good in my opinion because I don't like old baked goods and I made us leave some for Jeff could try when he gets home tonight. We could have easily finished it off.

This is going to be a staple in our house.

April 02, 2012

The good report

1. 12 days (and counting) migraine free. Which is major progress. I was getting two a week.
2. So happy there are several ways I can get my general conference gems after the fact. Super distracted and frustrating weekend. But grateful for technology.
3. I have no doubt my questions, fears will be answered. (see above)
4. L's crazy swollen eye is back to normal after a few days. It did the same thing last year during allergy season. Yikes.